Tuesday, July 29, 2008

finally an update

Well lots of things have happened since i last wrote it has been almost 6 months. Well lets see where to begin. i am living home again.

i am no longer going to counseling. sometimes i wish i was cause it really did help, but it is time that i really don't need it as much anymore i just need to be able to talk to people and i wouldn't need it.

lets see what else. oh i am not moving to Arizona anymore i was going to go for a visit this week but that is not going to work cause my sister-in-law can't go with me anymore it makes me kinda of sad but i will just have to go another time.

well lets see what else has happened, my nephew benjamin had his 2nd birthday. my parents are adopting 2 little kids jasmine and Alex they are so cute i love these two little kids already. jasmine will be two on teh 2nd. alex turned 4 on june 2.

we had a family reunion in CA it was so much fun. Brittany P went with us. on teh way there i felt kindof carsick i think it was mostly because i didn't drive at all. we did lots of things there we went to the beach i think that was on eof the funnest things i did in CA it was kinda of cold but i couldn't pass up the opportunity to swim in teh ocean.

another thing that happened this since march is we finally got the headstone on my brothers grave. it is really cool. i don't like to go much just because its not that big of a deal to me because he is not really there.

well i also got a new bed it is really comfy it is called a sleeptonic mattress. as long as i am talking about new things on thurday i am starting a new job. i will be working at headstart. it is dong exactly what i am going in to. i am going in to Child pyschologist. it will also pay for my school. well i think that is about it.