Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 2 new McGee's

The 2 new McGee's
(this is a picture of Jasmine, Alex and the Judge)

Today was the day of Jasmine and Alex's adoption.
Their names are now officially Alex Anthony Guzmon McGee
and Jasmine Johanna Perez McGee.
All week they have been trying out their new last name.
However Alex would say that his name is Alex Johanna Guzmon McGee
and Jasmine would say her name is Jasmine Anthony Perez McGee.
They were so excited, their grandma, great grandma and great grandpa came,
as well as Brittany, Betsy, and Daniel.
Alex kept trying to talk into the microphone during the court hearing,
so when it was all over the Judge let them talk into his microphone and play in his chair
Here are some pictures of the kids after it was all over.

Here Jasmine and Alex are playing with the microphone in the Judges seat
Here they are with The Judge and their new mom and Dad (Jim and Carla McGee).

Here is the final picture from left to right there is the Judge, Jasmine, Wendy Archibald (their Grandma), Alex, Brittany, Jim, Daniel, Betsy, and Carla.