Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seminar 2009!

Seminar 2009!
Everyone in oinur unit who came
(Konnie Chamberlain; Susie Saxy; Tina Parkin our director; Brittany McGee; Kelleen Evans; and Chelsea McLaughlin)

As many of you know I became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I know to a lot of you this came as a huge shock but I really love doing it. It is so much fun and i have grown so much in doing it. I have made so many new friends and I love all of them, each one of the girls i have become friends with have given me something. We are closer than i even thought it would ever be possible. I have been able to get my self esteem back and i now have confidence in myself something that i have not had in a long time. I recently got back from Texas where we had our Mary Kay Seminar. It was an amazing experience. I would not trade Seminar for anything i learned so much about myself and what i need to do in my business but i also grew so much and gained so many relationships. One thing i learned is that the qualities that i admire in My director Tina, my National director Tammy and the director who spoke the day i signed up Kim anyways those qualities that i admire in all of them and in everyone else are all qualities that i inherently have i just have to accept them and step up to them. anyways so here are some pictures from Seminar as you will see in them we had a blast! It was exhausting but it was so much fun.Me in the car i will earn the Chevy Malibu
Me in the Red Jacket
Some of our Unit
(Konnie Chamberlain; Chelsea McLaughlin; Brittany McGee; Kelleen Evans)Hanging out! (Kelleen; Chelsea; Brittany; Susie; and Konnie)Me in front of the Pink CadillacGetting ready for awards night! (Kelleen and Brittany)After awards Night one of the great ladies we look up to our National Tammy Crayk
(Kelleen; Tammy; and Brittany)Some of our Unit with Tammy
(Kelleen; Tina our director; Tammy our National; Brittany; and Susie)

Needless to say i had a blast at Seminar and look forward to a year where all of our dreams will come true and will look forward to going again next year!