Sunday, August 1, 2010

Seminar 2010!

Everyone who represented our area on stage at the company awards night.
Our unit going into our area awards night
some of our unit in front of Mary Kay's Office

Tina showing off her TOP 20 in Sharing and ALL the ribbons she got. YEA!!!!
Me in the Chevy Malibu
Wow, its been a year since i posted, man time flies.
its been a crazy year, I don't even know where to start,
I live in Syracuse now, I have even more amazing friends.
My roommate made me a sign that says

Brittany I took a peep into the future! and what did i see?! Nothing other than Mary Kay National Brittany McGee! Her diamonds adn pearls held glamour and gleam! Pink parties adn pampering was loved by her #1 team! Her million dollar income was just one perk of few! Everything she had ever wanted in Mary Kay, every dream had come true! People now look up to her as she once did to Tina and Tammy! She has gotten so far because she refused to sit on her fanny! and so my friend Brittany, keep your head in the game! For in the future, Mary Kay people all over the world will know your name!!!

In June 2010, My car broke down. it was the week before the end of our seminar year. the worst time for something like that to happen. We were working on finishing up some HUGE goals, and Tina and Konnie two amazing people took the time to help me figure out what to do with my car. I am extremely blessed to be in Mary Kay, I have some great friends who really care about me because of Mary Kay. I have more confidence in myself.
In July I had the opportunity to attend our annual Seminar it was amazing. I have some great leaders. Tina my sales director is such an amazing example to me. SHe accomplished whats called a Triple Star where she did the National court of Sales, National court of Sharing, and we finished our first unit club ever, as a unit we sold over $300,000! It was amazing to see her up on stage for that, seeing her helped me believe what i was told last year that I can do that too.
our unit was also the #1 most improved wholesale in our area.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Seminar 2009!

Seminar 2009!
Everyone in oinur unit who came
(Konnie Chamberlain; Susie Saxy; Tina Parkin our director; Brittany McGee; Kelleen Evans; and Chelsea McLaughlin)

As many of you know I became a Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. I know to a lot of you this came as a huge shock but I really love doing it. It is so much fun and i have grown so much in doing it. I have made so many new friends and I love all of them, each one of the girls i have become friends with have given me something. We are closer than i even thought it would ever be possible. I have been able to get my self esteem back and i now have confidence in myself something that i have not had in a long time. I recently got back from Texas where we had our Mary Kay Seminar. It was an amazing experience. I would not trade Seminar for anything i learned so much about myself and what i need to do in my business but i also grew so much and gained so many relationships. One thing i learned is that the qualities that i admire in My director Tina, my National director Tammy and the director who spoke the day i signed up Kim anyways those qualities that i admire in all of them and in everyone else are all qualities that i inherently have i just have to accept them and step up to them. anyways so here are some pictures from Seminar as you will see in them we had a blast! It was exhausting but it was so much fun.Me in the car i will earn the Chevy Malibu
Me in the Red Jacket
Some of our Unit
(Konnie Chamberlain; Chelsea McLaughlin; Brittany McGee; Kelleen Evans)Hanging out! (Kelleen; Chelsea; Brittany; Susie; and Konnie)Me in front of the Pink CadillacGetting ready for awards night! (Kelleen and Brittany)After awards Night one of the great ladies we look up to our National Tammy Crayk
(Kelleen; Tammy; and Brittany)Some of our Unit with Tammy
(Kelleen; Tina our director; Tammy our National; Brittany; and Susie)

Needless to say i had a blast at Seminar and look forward to a year where all of our dreams will come true and will look forward to going again next year!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The 2 new McGee's

The 2 new McGee's
(this is a picture of Jasmine, Alex and the Judge)

Today was the day of Jasmine and Alex's adoption.
Their names are now officially Alex Anthony Guzmon McGee
and Jasmine Johanna Perez McGee.
All week they have been trying out their new last name.
However Alex would say that his name is Alex Johanna Guzmon McGee
and Jasmine would say her name is Jasmine Anthony Perez McGee.
They were so excited, their grandma, great grandma and great grandpa came,
as well as Brittany, Betsy, and Daniel.
Alex kept trying to talk into the microphone during the court hearing,
so when it was all over the Judge let them talk into his microphone and play in his chair
Here are some pictures of the kids after it was all over.

Here Jasmine and Alex are playing with the microphone in the Judges seat
Here they are with The Judge and their new mom and Dad (Jim and Carla McGee).

Here is the final picture from left to right there is the Judge, Jasmine, Wendy Archibald (their Grandma), Alex, Brittany, Jim, Daniel, Betsy, and Carla.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Haloween pictures

Here are the pictures from Holoween
Here are Alex (firefighter) and Jasmine (Fairy) at Adam and Betsy's house

Here are Alex, Jasmine adn Daniel. ( i am holding daniel)Here is Alex and Jasmine Trick R' Treating. This guy dressed up as hagrid and they thought it was a monster. Jasmine wouldn't go up unless i held her.
Here Jasmine saw another girl dressed up as a fairy and was really intrigued by her.I just thought this was a really gute picture of Jasmine.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Tonight Adam and Betsy are having a halloween party.
We are taking Jazmine and Alex to it.
We are way excited.
Last night my mom and the kids carved teh pumkins.
I got some really good pictures.
Later i will post those pictures and the pictures of them in their comstumes tonight.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One day I was making breakfast
and Jazmine was helping me.
Here are some pictures of that...
Jazmine putting the mix in the bowl
Jazzy stirring the waffle mix together
Jazzy putting the orange cream on the sweet rolls.

Monday, October 20, 2008







Below are some pictures of the action

The Start of the demolition

The Break through. (we can see to the other side)

McDonalds Aftermath